Royale and MANTRA DAO strengthen their partnership with liquidity pool rewards

In January, we announced a partnership with the community DeFi platform MANTRA DAO. This partnership started with a ROYA staking pool where community members could earn ROYA rewards by staking their tokens on the MANTRA DAO dApp.

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new staking feature harvested from this most fruitful venture, ROYA Liquidity Pool mining!

From this moment forth and for 4 weeks only, Royale Kings & Queens and the MANTRA DAO Sherpas can earn extra rewards in addition to the fees already earned for liquidity providing. Our objective is to incentivize even more people to provide liquidity to the ROYA/ETH pair with extra ROYA rewards. Having deep liquidity in the pool is essential to create a sustainable ecosystem and allow current and new ROYA token holders to avoid slippage and high volatility.

In a nutshell, the liquidity providers receive UNI-V2 ROYA/ETH tokens for providing liquidity which can be staked via MANTRA DAO to earn ROYA rewards.

Liquidity providers will be rewarded according to their share in the UNI-V2 ROYA/ETH liquidity mining pool.

MANTRA DAO Pool Specifications

Step-by-Step guide

How to start?

The two assets required to participate in the program are ROYA and ETH. Community members can provide liquidity in the ROYA/ETH Uniswap pair. Liquidity providers will then receive UNI-V2 ROYA/ETH tokens that will be available in their wallets.

What next?

Now go to the MANTRA DAO dApp on the staking tab! You will see the UNI-V2 ROYA/ETH token associated with your wallet. The rest is very intuitive… choose the amount to stake, validate the transactions and start earning rewards!

Can I unstake my UNI-V2 tokens?

Yes, and there is no lock-up period. To do so, click on the UNI-V2 ROYA/ETH tab and click unstake. Validate the transactions, and here it is! You have now unstaked your tokens.

Please visit the MANTRA DAO staking app for more information:

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more exciting news!


MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance. MANTRA DAO leverages the crowd’s wisdom to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. Built on Parity Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem, MANTRA DAO gives financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together.

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About Royale Finance 👑

Royale Finance is an industry-focused decentralised lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using DeFi primitives in order to support the innovation of iGaming products and platforms. The combination of iGaming returns, uncorrelated to DeFi cryptoassets but powered by base layer DeFi protocols, we call iGDeFi.

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