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API3 and Royale Finance have formed a strategic partnership to supply price data for Royale’s network participants to improve transparency of cryptocurrency price conversions.

As Royale develops its ecosystem of iGaming & DeFi (iGDeFi) partners and products, there is a requirement for pricing oracles that provide a level of transparency that falls in line with the underlying Royale Kingdom’s core values — those being trust, reliability and verifiable sources of truth. …

UniFarm Cohort 3 is scheduled to go live today at 8 PM IST | 2.30 PM GMT

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Dear Kings and Queens of the Royale Kingdom,

The day has finally arrived for one farm to rule them all!

We are excited to announce that as of today, 3rd March 2021, $ROYA can be staked amongst UniFarm’s Cohort 3 Projects including OpenDeFi, Razor Network, PAID Network, MANTRA DAO and PlotX!

We are honored to be amongst DeFi Royale-ty.

Our Royale subjects now have the opportunity to stake their beloved $ROYA in the decentralised UniFarm pool and earn rewards in $ROYA as well as five other featured tokens in Cohort 3.

The pool offers a minimum of 40% and a…

Royale is excited to announce a new collaboration with SpiderDAO to bring the next generation of privacy to iGaming & DeFi (iGDeFi)

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SpiderDAO leverages a multi-layered governance system based on tools that are built on top of a fair & resilient DAO built on Polkadot.

At Royale we endeavour to provide our token holders with enhanced token utility to maximise the benefits of the Royale ecosystem. The latest partnership with SpiderDAO opens up new opportunities to bolster online privacy and improve gaming network performance for our online iGaming community.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throttle user network bandwidth during peak…

Royale announces a partnership with DeFi Wizard which enables integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) during the first week of March

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The Royale kingdom is expanding! Today we are happy to announce the DeFi Wizard partnership and integration of $ROYA to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. This integration allows $ROYA to be transacted on both Ethereum and BSC.

The rise of Binance Smart Chain

In September 2020, Binance announced the launch of BSC, the ecosystem around it vastly developed and proposed needed products and improvements that are worthy of competing with some of the best chains on the planet.

Another advantage of the BSC is…

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Duration: 24th February 2021–10th March 2021

10,000.00 ROYA
NFT Giveaways

Beta Website:

The Royale Testnet Incentivisation Program for Testnet Phase 1 has officially launched!

The testnet Ropsten tokens should be making their way to the addresses submitted during SafeListing — please be patient — there is plenty of time to test and contribute before the end of Testnet phase 1!

Our SafeListed, esteemed Royale Kings and Queens have the opportunity to complete tasks to earn ROYA under the following categories:

  • Explore and Conquer the Kingdom — Complete processes throughout the Royale Web 3.0 App and document your journey for rewards
  • Bug Bounty Hunting — Find bugs and report them back to headquarters for rewards
  • Majestic Social…

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Dear Kings and Queens,

Today is a special day for the kingdom — we are happy to announce the beginning of the Testnet program!

The team has been building the Royale ecosystem and we are just a few steps away from the launch of the Mainnet. Royale’s vision is to unleash the potential of Gaming companies by giving them access to liquidity which opens a whole new world of opportunity for entrepreneurs and developers who are true visionaries of the decentralised future the Royale Kingdom seeks. …

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It never ends! Royale’s network vision is to disrupt the iGaming sector by lowering entry barriers to entrepreneurs. Access to funds is a vital step in the process. iGaming companies will need to bankroll their platform to create innovative products and services. In that spirit, we are thrilled to welcome our new partner, e-Money. e-Money aims at creating a fairer and more transparent financial sector, a vision we share for the iGaming industry.

This partnership is a significant step in Royale’s growth. iGaming companies can apply to bankroll their platform, and e-Money can provide the infrastructure needed to fund them…

The Royale Mint presents its limited edition NFT collection, celebrating the milestone moments of a reign like no other.

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During the 2017 crypto boom many were quick to dismiss CryptoKitties and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) as a short lived fad. However, NFTs have defied expectations and have only grown more and more popular since that time. While DeFi projects may have been grabbing all the headlines in recent months, NFTs have been growing slowly but steadily and are just about ready to take center stage.

An upcoming NFT boom has been foreshadowed by tokens such as MEME, which recently transformed from an inside joke made in an offhanded Twitter remark to a legitimate NFT project with a current market…

iGDeFi pioneer Royale partners with community DeFi platform MANTRA DAO to launch a staking reward program

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We are proud to welcome MANTRA DAO and the Sherpas community to the Royale Kingdom. MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform. The partnership will benefit both Sherpas and the Royale Kingdom, as it will broaden MANTRA DAO horizons by adding a DeFi uncorrelated asset. Kings and Queens, on their side, will have the opportunity to expand their kingdom thanks to an exclusive staking program.

Royale X Mantra DAO staking program, 467,2% APY

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iGaming DeFi Disruptor joins forces with the influential online betting license trailblazer

We’ve got the license to thrill! And thrill we shall with our latest partnership penned and ready to roll, iGaming heavyweight has joined the iGDeFi quest! Together we march lockstep on the Road to achieving a fairer, more transparent and more equitable Blockchain-based online betting future.

The Royale Kingdom gladly welcomes this latest addition to its ranks. is already seasoned in the iGaming space with deep wells of expertise on licensing, hosting and a keen understanding of how Blockchain can be implemented across iGaming technology.



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