Heed attention, Monarchs as we highlight some prominent events within Royale’s sphere in August!

In the spirit of pioneering liquidity options and DeFi solutions, Royale Finance continued to pursue partnerships, expansions, and beneficial network integrations in August. The month was rife with new developments building on top of Royale Finance’s previous improvements covering the GameFi, Play-To-Earn, and iGaming spaces.

Royale Finance has secured another crucial ally for the Royale Kingdom! The new partnership with Raze Network aligns with Royale’s mission to provide a secure and private platform slew of DeFi offerings. This partnership focuses on ensuring secure end-to-end anonymity for Royale’s Kings and Queens while carrying out ROYA transactions. Through this partnership with Raze Network, Royale Finance can offer its network users privacy-preserving options across the DeFi and iGaming ecosystem.

Raze Network: Redefining Privacy

Raze Network is a privacy-focused protocol built for the Polkadot ecosystem. Raze provides end-to-end anonymity services for DeFi and web 3.0 applications.

To accomplish its goals of privacy and…

Heed attention, Monarchs!

July was another eventful month for Royale Finance 🎉

🎮 We have laid the foundation for beneficial initiatives that will push the envelope for DeFi innovation in the GAMEFI and Play-to-Earn space.

These were some of the highlights from July:

✔️ Royale Finance Issues First Commercial Loan

The Royale team went live with the announcement of the iGaming accelerator program. The idea behind this initiative is to facilitate the development of GameFi / Play-to-Earn & iGaming platforms with funding using DeFi. The program took off with a blast as we nailed our first…

We are excited to announce the successful completion of our Binance Smart Chain integration on the Royale Web App! 🎉 Users can now use all the features of the Royale app, while connected to BSC.


For the Month of August on BSC, we will be providing BOOSTED REWARDS for StableCoin Provision / Staking of the LP Token! (RPT Staking)

The TVL (Totale Value Locked) for all pools and staking on the Royale App (Polygon & Ethereum) has reached over $1 million.

This includes the following metrics on ETH & Polygon :

📣 Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye!
Kings & Queens, it's been a loaded month!

The royale team has been working tirelessly to bring you the latest developments and freedoms.

Here are some highlights : 👀

Read on to learn more…

Polygon Web App & Bridge Go Live 🔥

Kings & Queens it’s here! 👑

Royale is about to enhance the circular token economy and has onboarded it’s first iGaming company & will be providing them with a commercial loan. The company, which will remain anonymous under commercial NDA, has now been granted its gaming license and is ready to begin operations.

The Royale Defi LPs will be dispersing 30% of the liquidity to issue it’s first community driven decentralised loan to an iGaming company, who will in return provide monthly stability fees back to the Royale network. These stability fees will be used to predominantly reward the Royale…

Everyone is Invited to a Celebration Feast on Polygon (MATIC) Network!

The Royale Polygon expansion is a HUGE milestone and a massive success into expanding the reach of the Royale Kingdom and we would like to celebrate this achievement with our legion of Royalety with some kingly rewards!

What rewards are available?

Royale Finance & DeFi 11 to Further Evolve GDeFi Innovations! 🔥

Royale Finance is continuing with its effort to expand its offerings and blockchain solutions to encompass gaming companies. Joining this noble cause is blockchain optimized fantasy sports platform, DeFi11. Together, the two companies hope to drive gaming DeFi solutions that will revolutionize the industry and produce reciprocal merits for both their communities.

Royale Finance has always believed that the unique synthesis between gaming and decentralized finance could open the door to opportunities for several game-oriented startups through community-funded subsidy programs. …

Kings & Queens, thanks to a partnership with DFYN, you are now able to trade ROYA & deploy your farms in the Polygon Realm!

LP has been added for the $ROYA token & the fertile LP farming grounds in the DFYN region of the Polygon realm have been prepared for you.

The following pair is available for 👨‍🌾 farming on DFYN :


Industry focused De-Fi for i-Gaming

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